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We have been the competent data and network technology contact for industry and trade for over 25 years. Thanks to the quality of our company’s own cable manufacturing, in particular, we have set even higher standards for the market.

High-quality technical equipment, established expertise, extensive experience and a team of extremely motivated employees ensure the highest level of quality.





Cable lettering with shrink tube (individual and large-series)

Individual marking of all computer and network cables.

The advantages:

  • The professional way to create an overview in the network cabinet
  • No more time-consuming searches for the right cable
  • Lettering is applied using a shrink tube made of polyolefin, or with an abrasion-
    proof and waterproof laminated laser printer label on wrap-around labels
  • Marking can be carried out at one or both ends of the cable
  • For ready-manufactured cables it is important to check whether the shrink tube
    fits over the connector, otherwise wrap-around labels should be used
  • Other types of lettering can be used as required. Just talk to us.

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