Manufacturer warranty


for exertis Connect GmbH


exertis Connect manufacturer warranty

(1) exertis Connect grants a manufacturer warranty on its TECLINE and TECLINE LWL patch cables. Legal rights as well as warranty claims from the purchaser resulting from a purchase contract are not limited by this warranty. All warranty services require inclusion of an original purchase document for the product. Furthermore, the purchaser must give the seller the defective product with a written description of the faults along with the original purchasing documentation.

(2) exertis Connect offers a warranty for defective TECLINE products, which can be proven to demonstrate material or manufacturing faults within the warranty period.

(3) The warranty period is 15 or 20 years, as indicated for the relevant product online or in the catalogue, from the time of purchase by the initial buyer. The date on the original purchase document is decisive.

(4) In the event of a warranty, exertis Connect will rectify the defect in the form of free repair or replacement (possibly also a later model). Should this not be possible, exertis Connect refunds the purchase price.

(5) Excluded from the warranty are defects that contravene provisions on fault liability given in section 8, or which result from improper handling of the item.

(6) Claims other than the previously detailed rectification of faults due to material or manufacturing faults, as well as compensation claims with regard to collateral or consequential damage, are not substantiated by the exertis Connect manufacturer warranty.

Version: October 2015